In the 2007-2013 financial perspective, the company as regional partner of PARP (government agency) is responsible in Wielkopolska for the implementation of Innovative Economy Operational Programme.
Currently company offers grants described below:

  • Support for goal-oriented projects and for the implementation of R&D results.
  • Stimulating R&D activity and support to industrial design
  • New investments of high innovation potential
  • Support for Exporters
  • Support to enterprises in electronic business
  • Support to B2B electronic business

Wielkopolska Agency for Enterprise Development Ltd.

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61-823 Poznan, POLAND

tel. +48 61 656 35 00
fax. +48 61 656 53 66

(Wielkopolska Agency for Enterprise Development Ltd.)

NIP: 778-14-11-344, REGON: 634512019, KRS: 0000174198,
Share Capital: 10.951.000,- PLN, Capital paid: 10.951.000,- PLN